VIDEO: Song To Self

September 17, 2008

Fran introducing the new video:

Dear all,the video for Song To Self will be going up on our youtube site later.
Don’t be shocked.It’s just a me video.
I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of it not being an all of us video,
but it reflects the meaning of the song well,
that of loneliness and wanting to find someone who feels the same as you,
someone who knows how you tick. And boy did I feel lonley : )
Anyways it’ll be up later. It’s directed by Nick Hooker.
Nick has worked with U2 and the Smashing Pumpkins
and recently made the video for the Grace Jones song Corporate Cannibal

“Official video for new single “Song To Self” sees Fran caught
in a lonely freaked out acid hinterland created by the video director
Nick Hooker. Will he ever make it back to the band????”



  1. [offtopic]
    ?? did they blocked your site because of the latest posts? that sucks!
    you got my support!! =)

  2. Yes,they did.

    The blog was suspended for copyright infrigment.
    Someone reported it because of the last gigs I posted.

    Thanks for your support. 🙂

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