Moscow,B-1 Club 2008.07.16

August 1, 2008

Photo Credit: Maria Shchekhochihina

Travis – 2008.07.16 Moscow, B-1 Club
File: 156,22 MB
Playing Time: 01:35:11
Type: MPEG-1 layer 3, 241kbit (VBR), 44100Hz Joint Stereo

#1 #2 #3

J Smith [preview]

01 Intro
02 Chinese Blues
03 Pipe Dreams
04 Writing To Reach You
05 Selfish Jean
06 Eyes Wide Open
07 Beautiful Occupation
08 Side
09 Love Will Come Through
10 Closer
11 Sing
12 J Smith
13 Something Anything
14 Long Way Down
15 Song To Self
16 Indefinitely
17 Driftwood
18 All I Want To Do Is Rock
19 Turn
20 Flowers In The Window
21 Slideshow
22 Blue Flashing Light
23 Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Special thanks to Matt



  1. The 3rd part isn’t loading up for me. Maybe it is my computer though…

  2. Working! Cheers! Thanks a lot.

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