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Fran & Dougie on BBC’s Celebrity Popmaster

September 29, 2007


Fran & Dougie on BBC’s Celebrity Popmaster 2007.09.28
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September 27, 2007

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Travis – INDTV Interview 2007.08.02

September 27, 2007

Hugo from Mexico just sent in this interview:

“This is a very short interview with the band made a
couple of hours before the concert here in Mexico City.”


Travis – INDTV Interview 2007.08.02
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“Leckel” Travis

September 25, 2007

Lena from Germany sent me this short and funny radio interview.
Here’s what she says about the interview:

I’d like to contribute a short “interview” the guys gave
when they where in Germany to do this “SWR 3 Hautnah Concert”
(9th may 2007).

The radio channel had a running gag about tasting
some wired chinese food and then guessing what it was
and jugding if it was “leckel” which is the german word “lecker”
(delicious) pronounced in an asian way or “nicht leckel” (not delicious).
And they made Travis tasting something as well.

“Leckel” Travis
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Thank You Lena


iTunes Festival 2007: Flowers In The Window

September 24, 2007

Flowers In The Window – iTunes Festival 2007.07.03
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FREE Travis CD inside next weekend’s Mail on Sunday (30 September 2007)!

September 24, 2007

Next week The Mail on Sunday brings you yet another brilliant CD.

You’ll find a complete 12 track album by Travis FREE
inside every copy of the paper.
Not only does it include the massive hits Why Does It Always Rain On Me
and Sing,it also features their fantastic new single My Eyes,
which is already climbing up the charts.

This is the complete single which is now for sale
in the shops for around £4.00!
Exclusively compiled and approved by Travis themselves,
this is an absolutely sensational free CD.

Demand for the paper is bound to be huge,
so if you don’t have a regular order,
be sure to tell your newsagent to reserve you a copy.

Here’s the full track listing and don’t forget to reserve
your copy on Sunday 30 September!

Travis Mail on Sunday CD:
01. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
02. Re-Offender
03. Sing
04. All I Want To Do Is Rock
05. Driftwood
06. Somewhere Else
07. My Eyes
08. Side
09. Three Times And You Lose
10. Slide Show
11. Good Feeling
12. Turn


Paper, Scissors, Rock: The return of Travis

September 24, 2007

Paper, Scissors, Rock: The return of Travis
By POLLY GRAHAM 21/09/07

Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17? Even when the sun is shining, I can’t avoid the lightning. Why does it always rain on me?

No boys, you’ve got me. I never had a clue why it always chucked down on you, and even less idea why it should be connected to an adolescent fib.

But I do know this. Even though these are the most gratifyingly angst-ridden lines since Morrissey told us of his great night-clubbing success in How Soon Is Now? (‘So you go and you stand on your own/And you leave on your own/And you go home and you cry and you want to die…’), it is entirely impossible to read them without singing along. You almost want to reach for a lighter. It is so very annoying.

Of course, if I were more gracious, I suppose I would say it’s also as good a definition of a rock ‘n’ roll anthem as any. But I am not in a gracious mood; I have to meet the authors, the band Travis.

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