XFM Radio: Live Session & Interview 2003

June 11, 2007

Travis Live in Session and Interview 2003.10.02
MPEG-1 layer 3, 203kbit (VBR), 44100Hz Joint Stereo
#1 #2

1. Interview #1
2. Interview #2
3. The Beautiful Occupation
4. Re-Offender
5. Turn



Travis Live in Session and Interview
The Nicest Band In Britain came by the studio to play an exclusive live session
and chat with Shaun Keaveny about politics and The Cookie Monster.

On coming back from the brink and politics:
I’m not anti-war. Someone drops a bomb on my mam’s house,
gimme a uniform and I’m gonna go and find whoever did it.
But in the absence of that…

First single from the forthcoming album, taken from the darker side
of Travis’ collective soul. There’s little of their trademark jubilence here,
with Fran’s voice in full sinister-falsetto mode as he tells
the tale of one of those lovers who screws you again
and again and again. And not in a good way.

The Beautiful Occupation
Originally appearing on Warchild’s ‘One Love‘ album,
the fact that Travis strayed so far from their lush melodic idiom
to record this sparse, unflinching, almost sneering folk number
is a pretty powerful protest in itself. They’re unmistakeably
in a different mindset here. This isn’t entertainment.
This doesn’t even sound like fun. This is serious.

An old classic from ‘The Man Who‘, this beat off competiton
from ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ and ‘Sing‘ to be
the Xfm Listeners golden oldie of choice for this session.
This beautiful acoustic reading can’t have disappointed any of them.


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