XFM Interview,May 2007

June 11, 2007

Travis – XFM Interview,May 2007
MPEG-1 layer 3, 191kbit (VBR), 44100Hz Joint Stereo


Xfm Meets Travis
With a long awaited new album about to be released,Fran and Dougie spoke exclusively to Xfm all about it.

Following the huge success that follwed albums ‘The Man Who‘ and ‘The Invisible Band‘, Travis stuttered slightly with the overlooked ‘12 Memories‘ released back in 2003.

Now they return after a three year break with their fifth studio album ‘The Boy With No Name‘. Once again they were reunited with producer Nigel Godrich after experimenting with Brian Eno on a couple of early recording sessions and sublime lead single ‘Closer‘ displays a band more than back on form.

Just after co-hosting a special Xfm Breakfast Show band members Fran Healy and Dougie Payne spoke exclusively to Xfm about the new album and their plans for the year ahead.

How did you find working with Brian Eno?
“We did a couple of days with him last November…it was great, very inspiring…”

If the first album you do is the one you do live and the second is the difficult follow up, whats the fifth one?
“The fifth one I guess comes back round again to the first one..”

How do you approach recording in the studio?
“You’re only as good as the last song you wrote..always trying to write or record or make something that’s interesting..”

Was the single one of those that worked early on?
“Yeah it was, it was one of the earliest songs we worked on….Nigel worked his magic on it”

What are your live plans for this year?
“Coachella later this month then playing the U.K after we get back from that..”

Are you involved with the Live Earth event?
“I think we got involved heavily with Live 8 event and we’d be wise to stick to the one event..”

What band would you vote for to rule a country?
“I’m gonna vote for My Chemical Romance, the wee fella looks like he cares, he looks like he’s always crying..”


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